Jessica Buchanan is the founder of Consumerology and a renowned business development manager, with over 14 years’ experience in the research, marketing and advertising industry. There is very little in brand management that she hasn’t achieved and it is this experience that has shaped her views with regards to future business practices.

Jessica’s skills in brand and business development were honed early on while working with some of the world’s largest and most well respected advertising agencies on blue chip accounts including Ericsson, TABCORP, DuPont, BMW’s Mini Cooper, British Gas and Cadbury Schweppes. Jessica was also a member of the brains trust that helped to reposition The Australian Defence Force.

Realising early on that the advertising world is really only capable of influencing one element of brand development Jessica left the industry to begin working directly with the CEO’s of entrepreneurial businesses that were committed to growing their revenue and profitability, not just their advertising budgets. Before long Jessica opened her own brand agency, BRP2 (Brands R People 2), and has since influenced the fortunes of over 70 brands and the numbers speak for themselves.

Jessica was part of the executive team that facilitated an increase in Boost Juice bars awareness from 63% to 98%, network growth from 27 to 110 stores and a total revenue turnover of $78 million in under 2 years. She was behind the accelerated revenue increase of $14 million (480%) food hall sandwich giant Healthy Habits which soon after sold out to Dymocks. Jessica also helped increase sales for 56 store national white goods chain Mr Rental by 74% over a 12 month period. And by the end of 2008, Hairhouse Warehouse had not only managed to increase brand awareness from 3% to 86% (6 months post the launch of their new brand), but grew their network by 40 stores over a 20 month period, increasing annual turnover by 42% and company revenue by $45 million (recording its highest ever year of growth to date).

After taking a much deserved break in 2010 to start her new family Jessica quickly returned back to oversee the agency and take on her new role as Non-Executive Director with Retail Food Group (ASX:RFG), holding the country’s largest portfolio of retail food franchised brands. Soon after she also took on the role of General Manager of Brand and Innovation at Specialty Fashion Group (ASX:SFH), Australia’s largest retailer of women’s fashion.

Though recently stepping down from the role at Specialty Fashion Group (to focus on Consumerology) Jessica was not only tasked with the enormous responsible of developing a new strategic direction for the overarching corporation and 4 of its individual fashion brands, but also introducing ‘a game changer’ for the corporation that is set to drive the businesses growth and market leadership over the coming 5 years.

Further to these roles, Jessica is now applying her expertise to her latest venture, Consumerology. According to Jessica, consumer analytics is the future of business intelligence. She believes that branding is far more than just a logo and marketing; your brand encompasses the entire customer experience and the only real opinion that matters in this regard, should be your customers. Further to this, brand development must add to a company’s bottom line. If it cannot do this, then a brand becomes inconsequential. Unfortunately Jessica feels that a holistic approach to branding is a lost art and very few marketers, agencies and clients understand this.

What drives Jessica is that nothing matters in business except your customer’s perception of your businesses entire offering.

And this is the foundation that Consumerology has been built upon. Jessica is determined to illustrate to companies that their focus should move beyond just their financials and the number of units sold. Most companies possess zero matrixes for consumer opinion or behavior. Consumerology aims to reverse this trend by proving that daily consumer reporting is just as important, if not more so, than the review of a profit and loss statement.

The business world is determined to drive traffic to their brands but mostly oblivious when it comes to monitoring consumer sentiments and satisfaction levels once they manage to catch customers.
Consumerology is a world first in consumer analytics and through its process, Jessica is aiming to change the way business views it’s reporting and management structures.