Jessica Buchanan was introduced to us in mid 2004. At that point we were trying to design a logo for Healthy Habits, but weren’t getting anywhere with other designers. Jess came along, and like a “breath of fresh air” designed a smiley face logo that helped us create a franchising brand out of a humble sandwich bar concept.

She then undertook customer focus groups to truly understand what our customers wanted. It was about getting into the heads and developing a concept that customers would become loyal towards.

Jess then delivered our brand personality across the entire concept with marketing tools that would introduce us into the franchising industry and into food courts around the country.

She also helped deliver our Business Plan, Operations Manual, Recipes & Procedures Manual and extensive marketing material for franchising the business.

Jess is an incredible Brand Strategist who is truly capable of taking a basic business and turning it into a unique & special brand. One incredible lady. Someone who I can truly recommend to your business.

Katherine Sampson
Founder & MD of Healthy Habits

Jessica Buchanan’s’ two year involvement with Hairhouse Warehouse (as our Strategist) saw an amazing development of our brand. Jess saw what we needed at that time and was instrumental in taking us to the next level, bringing her brand experience and strategic guidance and working with our Marketing Team to create our new positioning and brand strategy.

Jessica was an extremely valuable resource with amazing dedication, commitment and passion and was just what we needed.

Joseph Lattouf
Founder & MD of HHWW

Jessica Buchanan has a rare talent. Many service providers, especially in the area of branding, marketing and advertising in business have excellent creative and technical skills that focus on their specialty but often do not have a direct connection to execution that translates directly to the bottom line and the growth of enterprise value.

Jessica is quite different to these colleagues and has these qualities in spades. I would consider Jess one of the best practitioners of the art of brand development and execution in the region and on a par with world’s best practice in this arena.

Jess has an exceptionally creative and fertile mind that she has applied to develop a process for gathering market facts and customer perception via market research and focus groups. This process is powerful in itself but the skill Jess brings to create value stems from her unique ability to interpret that market information in a manner that underpins the development of brands that speak loudly and with cut through not just to her clients but to the target customers who are the ultimate arbiter of brand and enterprise value.

I have worked with Jess with mutual clients in a cross section of commercial enterprises as both consultant and as a fellow board member overseeing the governance and growth of networks. I have introduced our clients to her and have been delighted by the effect that she has had on truly transforming a business into a brand which can give life to the strategy, structure and commercial policies that the DC Strategy team develop.

Jess and the BRP2 team not only create the look and feel for the brand but truly know how to bring this to life across all facets of a business from store design to website, point of sale material and importantly the logistics to deliver the tools necessary for the franchisees or store managers to execute on brand strategy.

Jess has always been ready to voice an opinion in the areas of her expertise of brand strategy and customer perception and will strongly argue her view even in the face of fierce opposition to change. It is a great strength to have in a board or management role and I would choose her to be part of any team I would assemble to build a network and brand.

Rod Young
Executive Director, DC Strategy

“We retained the services of Jessica Buchanan and her brand agency for the complete development of our brand E3, a sports drink mix. Jessica delivered comprehensive branding package and we have been so thrilled with her direction and efforts that we have continued to retain the agencies cervices to include the development of an entire product launch and annual marketing campaign!

The agencies communications team is well versed in digital media, public relations, direct response, psychology and sociology.

We cannot recommend Jessica highly enough. You can expect her to design a leading brand, one that is far ahead in creating something that has value to the people who need it and want it; as well as what the brand stands for and what the brand “ideal” experience should be, tag lines, logos and all the literal and visual elements of the brand.”

Elizabeth Bowen
Selwyn Jellie
Managing Directors
E3 Champion Formula